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You can be up and running with web registrations (and charge money) in 5 min.

Why do we use it?

Reserved seating tailored to your venues allows your customers to pick exactly which seat they would like - and see all the currently available seats in real time. No more settling for rush seating (and the hassles of checking at the door). Your ticket holders will simply go directly to their seat or group of seats. Even complex seating and sections can be easily handled by the system. Seats are automatically released if the ticket is refunded (or a payment is declined). Say goodbye to administrative headaches.

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Churches that accept online giving increase overall donations by 32%

- 66% of charities are worried they will miss out on opportunities for digital fundraising.
- Direct mail motivated 36% more donors to give online in 2016 compared to previous year.
- 51% of high-wealth donors ($200k+) prefer to give online.
- 34% of nonprofits have paid for advertising on social media.
- 21% of donations come directly through social media.
- 51% of people who visit a nonprofit's website do so on a mobile device.
- $107 is the average donation size for text-to-donate fundraisers.
- 25% of donors complete their donations on mobile devices.
- About 10 million tithers in the US donate $50 billion yearly to church & non-profits.

How can we make things easier?

We took a look at all the current systems out there and asked ourselves, "How could this be more simple?"

The whole system is built around making things easier for you. There are clear directions for how to do things - and easy to find help if you get stuck.

Each user in the organization has their own settings, so everything can be tailored to your own unique way of getting things done.

Mobile Booking and Tickets

Booking tickets online is great.

Booking tickets using your mobile is EVEN BETTER

Our responsive system allows users to set up appointments, buy tickets and verify the purchase details. Entirely within the browser of their mobile device.

Simple, secure and convenient.

Bookings are great, but what about the books?

While being able to sell tickets and take donations is AWESOME, the idea of the bookkeeping data entry is a bit... daunting. has built-in integrations to push all the transactional data (including charitable donations details) directly to your existing accounting package. Whether you use Quickbooks, Sage, MYOB or any other system - the data export and import functions allow quick and simple integrations of the data with your existing software.

À la carte

0/ mo

No need to commit to anything

- Create Unlimited Events
- Schedule Events In Advance
- Take Online Donations
- 9.9% + $0.35 per transaction


45/ mo

Perfect if you're just getting started

- Create Unlimited Events
- Schedule Events In Advance
- Take Online Donations
- 3.5% + $0.35 per transaction


125/ mo

Integrations with existing systems

- Quickbooks Integration
- API Access
- Branded Mobile App
- 2.3% + $0.35 per transaction

How Can We Help Your Team?

How can owlishly help each person on your team? Every team member has different needs. Watch some videos below to see how owlishly will set your team apart.

John Steward

Treasurer / Accountant

John knows that online giving is only as good as it's reporting...
Owlishly exports all the reports he needs (no extra work)

Mr Gregarious

Ministry Leader

Greg's team is motivated and happy. He knows that everything must work with the latest phones and technology.

Practical Pat

Team Administrator

Pat gets things done. She has learned that if things are too complex, nothing happens.
Keep it simple.

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